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    Getting Permission

    JB02813 Wayfarer

      If I find a wholesaler where I can purchase what I want to sell do I need permission from the products orginator to sell it?




      I find a wholesaler that I buy 100 Can's of Pepsi from, do I need to get permission from Pepsi to sell it? Or can I purchase from the wholesaler, put it on my shelves and stamp it with whatever price I want?


      Keep in mind please this is just an example, I'm not really selling 100 cans of pepsi


      Thanks again

        • Getting Permission
          LUCKIEST Guide

          Who r u?? The fun of being in business is that the business owner can set his or her own price.

          If you want to sell a product at a loss you can. If you want to double the price and the traffic will still

          buy the product you can also do that.

          If you have a specific problem, maybe you want to talk to your lawyer.

          Good luck