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    WSI Internet Franchise ?

    Florica Newbie

      I just wanted to get some feedback from those who own a WSI Internet Franchise. 

        • WSI Internet Franchise ?
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          • WSI Internet Franchise ?
            kevinleung Newbie

            Hi Florica,


            Can you be more specific as to what type of feedback do you really want? 


            I have been a WSI consultant for almost 5 years now - and it is a great model and system , but like any franchise you need to work at it to make it successful.


            I think in my case having web development experiece helped - but I wish I had more on the sales sides - which I was able to pick up quite quickly with the support WSI has to offer with their mentors.


            Basically I use to build websites myself before , but I mean anyone can build or make a website these days.


            I realized it was about getting into the bigger things - like selling Internet Marketing, Social Media, Mobile, Banner Ads - virtually everything we live and breathe on the Internet. 


            Even if I was an expert in all thoes things - which clearly I am not - there would be no way I can do it all myself.


            So I mean I could have traing staff members and tried to outsource - but you know how that goes. 


            I couldnt afford wasting time or making mistakes - which is the reason I got into the WSI Internet Franchise in the first place.


            You can do a quick Google search yourself to get information - but I think speaking with people who are in the business doing it for a living is a huge motivator.


            So if it means anything - ive been very fortunate with my WSI Internet Franchise - so hopefully that helps answer what you are looking for.


            Or like I said - if you can be more specific and tell us what type of info you are looking for ....

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              snmo4him Adventurer

              What you wanna know Flor? We can say something if we defintely know it! Tho, franchising WSI Internet I think its okay!