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    Looking For Business Opportunities...Create Your Own!


      There are many people looking for home based internet opportunities. Here, there, and everywhere. Conducting many, many hours of research, I have concluded that there are certain services that successful internet entrepreneurs have utilized. First, they have a concrete concept, usually a topic that is their specific area of interest, something that ignites their passion.




      You idea will be your niche, a niche is a good step for the burgeoning entrepreneur. An example: Say, you love trolls so you decide to start an online store that sells nothing but troll goods: knick-knacks, posters, figurines, cups, etc. A very narrow approach to making money, but deep, and sure to find an audience with like minded consumers.




      Second, and obviously they have a website and domain name (keep in mind domain names should be no longer than 18 characters). There are numerous web hosting companies that you can acquire affordable packages through. When constructing your website, think deeply about the content of the site. Content should be "evergreen", meaning it will not change much if at all. Pages to include on the website should be; Home, Products/Services, Contact, About Us, Site Map(good idea), and Testimonial(if applicable). A best practice is to visit at least 3 competing websites and take note on likes and dislikes to help you design your site.




      Third, successful internet entrepreneurs use an email marketing system, this allows them to capture customer email addresses and names to send out sale material to them. It also allows the entrepreneur to sell to his customers on a more personal level.




      Fourth, the entrepreneur uses a blog, why use a blog when you have a website? Search engines love regularly updated and fresh content, plus it allows you to converse with your customers. Blogging is conducive dispelling information that your customers might otherwise have a hard time getting. Blogs can allow you do perform pros and cons of various services and products, etc.




      Fifth, when internet entrepreneurs open a store online, they find dropshippers who either provide a storefront in addition to the products or just provide the products and seek a third party to provide the store front. An example: is Dodo Cases makes cases for the iPad, but their storefront is provided by Shopify.




      Starting a business online is much like putting the pieces of a puzzle together, now you have the pieces. I hope this article helps all enterprising individuals create their own opprotunities!




      Larry Hutzell


      Directing Manager and Founder





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