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    Capital Advance (Cash advance)

    central Newbie
      I own a few stores and two small restaurants. I was looking for capital to expand my businesses and of course the bank only wanted to give me around 75%-80% of what i needed. I got in touch with a company that does cash advances, what they do is "by your future credit card sales today for a discount". The rep told me there is no intrest rate just a pay back, no collateral no guarantee. They base it on you credit card sales and everytime i batch out they take a small percentage that goes towards the payback amount. Did anybody ever go through which such a program? any advice / ideas?

      Thank you
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Central, It almost sounds too good. You are a business man who own stores and restaurants, so you
          know the ropes. Do you have an Accountant?? A Lawyer?? Ask them. Have the Lawyer check out
          the contract before you sign.
          Also ask the rep or the company for references.
          Good luck, Be CAREFUL, LUCKIEST
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            merchant1 Newbie
            Hi Central,

            I represent Envision Merchant Capital a merchant cash advance company. This is a very good way to expand. You can get up to $250,000 per location depending on your profile and credit card volume. If you would like to talk about it more, please feel free to contact me via my profile.

            Best of luck

            Jason Parker
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              YMC RVP Newbie
              As yourself i am new to this forum. I offer these kinds of programs to merchants just like yourself on a daily basis. It seems to me you understood the blueprints of the program. There is no catch, what happens is that the money you are being advanced is expensive. Depending on your monthly average credit card sales you will pay back a 1.24, 1.38, or even a 1.48. Just multiply the amount you are being advanced by one of these factors i.e. 50 000 * 1.38 (which is the most popular factor rate) 69 000, meaning to borrow 50k it will cost you 19k. It is true there is no intrest rate because there is no period no 1yr 5yr 15yr the loan gets paid back through your credit card sales. Everytime you batch out 15% to 20% of your gross revenue goes towards the payback amount, meaning no monthly payment no specific time frame to payoff the loan. The lender gets paid back only if your business grows and continues to do well. Remember the reason it is expensive is because there is no collateral no guarantee. If ever you choose to go through with this or if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

              Eric ,
              Regional Vice President
              Your Merchant Company LLC
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                samuelsegal2 Newbie
                If you are shoping for Capital Advance please call me at

                Sam Segal
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                  danielb Wayfarer
                  I connect businesses to this type of loans. Yes, it does work and it is quick
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                    SageTrout Wayfarer

                    The program you are describing is called a Merchant Advance. Depending on your credit card sales, you can receive an advance up to 125% of your average monthly MasterCard and VISA sales. For example, if your average MC and VISA sales are $40,000 a month, you can get an advance up to $50,000. The repayment is made through your merchant account. You sign an authorization to have the payment made as sales are credited to your merchant account. The amount is a fixed percentage of your MC and VISA sales until the advance is repaid.

                    It's untrue that there are no interest charges. The interest is a fixed amount determined at the outset of the advance. The interest charge assessed is a function of the type of business, credit rating, and other factors.

                    To qualify, you need to meet three requirements. 1) Must have been in business for one year (two years for advances over $75,000) 2) Average MC/VISA sales must exceed $2,500 a month 3) Must have at least one year remaining on the lease for your business location or own your property.

                    The advantage to this type of financing is that 1) it's relatively quick to obtain - generally I can get an approval within two business days 2) there are no restrictions on the use of funds - you can use the money for working capital, new equipment, and other needs. 3) it's nonrecourse financing which means that unlike a mortgage secured by real estate or a loan secured by equipment the lender can only look to your merchant account for repayment - if your business fails you can walk away.

                    Another advantage is that a Merchant Advance does not affect your ability to apply for other types of financing. You can still apply for loans and leases provided your business qualifies for them without being affected by the Merchant Advance.

                    Because this is nonrecourse financing it's not inexpensive. If you need financing and you can't qualify for a loan or a lease, or it will take too long to obtain them, then you should consider a Merchant Advance.

                    I offer the lowest rates you'll find anywhere on a Merchant Advance. I also have a special program for restaurants. If you'd like to know more, please send me an email and I'll contact you. My address is

                    Best wishes, Doug
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                      M&M Services Wayfarer
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                        • Capital Advance ( Cash Advance )
                      you have any questions please feel free to contact our support dept.
                      listed below.

                      Marcus Walker
                      M&M Merchant Card Services Inc.

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                      THANK YOU.
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                        financeguy Newbie
                        This sort of financing is not too good to be true. I do these sort of transactions all the time. They are quick simple and fast.

                        I am short on time, if you have more questions or would like some free advise, drop me a line.

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                          thegrillplace Newbie
                          I would check out the merchant cash advance forums which has some resourceful info on there. it seems to offer somewhat of good information and resources. You can probably interact directly with MCA providers and get answers on an open forum.
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                            BizLOC Newbie
                            Good afternoon,

                            My name is Paul Warshawsky and I am an independant agent for I was wondering if you were still looking for a cash advance. If you have any questions, or are still in need of funding please contact me at any time. If you have already been funded and are no longer in need of an advance, please feel free to pass on my information to some one that may need it. Everyone enjoys referalls. Thank you in advance, and I look forward to hearing from you.


                            Paul Warshawsky


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                              MarkSLF Wayfarer

                              Although their is no interest or no collateral there is a cost. Your future credit card sales are puchased at a discount. Typically a payback of around 1.35 is the norm for 6-9months. Equate this to an interest rate would be very substantial. This type of financing definitely has its place but there are other alternatives available. A Fast Cash Small Business Loan runs about 1/3 of the cost of a merchant cash advance. It is harder to get approval for then a merchant cash advance but easier then bank financing. Here is a link for more information on this type of loan.
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                                GETCAPITAL Wayfarer
                                Hi Central, I can assist with merchant sevices as well. We also offer equipment leasing which may become a solution in contributing to your goal of expansion. Let me know if I can assist.



                                Patrick Gray
                                Homecoast Capital
                                Phone 302-565-4233
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                                  nuguy93 Newbie
                                  Is is possible to get a MCA with a month to month lease? I have been processing credit card for over 4 years.
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                                      Nusantara Wayfarer
                                      This post in response to nugy93. You may qualify business funding instead MCA. you can qualify up to $100,000.
                                      our company is a good candidate if you have a separate business bank
                                      you should have been open for
                                      business for at least 1 year and have an average business bank
                                      account balance of at least $3,000 per month.
                                      +_THE LEND

                                      +We may able to help you to get funding.Please contact us.+<br /<font>
                                      Business Financing Broker
                                      169-24 Hillside Avenue 2nd FL
                                      JAMAICA, NY 11432
                                      P : 1 888.307.8430
                                      Local : 718.785.9615
                                      Fax : 718.523.1116
                                      EMAIL :
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                                      daser007 Newbie
                                      Hello Central,

                                      You are right on target. By turning future credit cards into cash you can get the down payment needed easily and with a fast funding process.

                                      If you need help getting your merchant cash advance feel free to contact me at">
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                                        capitalbankca Newbie

                                        I CAN HELP YOU!

                                        LISA LAING
                                        CAPITAL BANK CARD
                                        FUNDING SPECIALIST
                                        954-414-8393 FAX
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                                          funds2924 Wayfarer
                                          I do not know if you have made a decision on your processing or cash advance. check out we have good rates on processing and cash advances will beat anything you have been quoted.