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    Top Problems in Managing Employees?

    inqline Newbie

      Small Business Owners,


      I'm a student at Tufts University researching the key pain points that trouble small businesses in terms of human resource management. To get primary responses, I'm contacting companies along with forums like this one.


      I'm interested in any specific problems from hiring to employee retention to performance management, such as:

      Performance reviews and goal setting are too slow for fast changing work teams

      During seasonal hiring, it is hard to keep track of thousands of resumes

      The IT department cannot support an internally hosted HR product


      This will help me gain a deeper understanding of the human resources market. And hopefully give small business owners insight into their own company.


      Replies or further discussion on this topic are greatly appreciated.

        • Top Problems in Managing Employees?
          LUCKIEST Guide

          Only experience will help you gain the deeper understanding of the human resourse market.

          Clear goal planning, skill development and a true pay-for-performance  culture are talent practices

          that successful small businesses use to  demonstrate their employees are valued.

          Effective performance and  talent management has been proven to increase employee morale and  overall productivity. 


          Rising costs, increased  competition and time necessary to hire and train new talent have made  retention of

          top performers imperative to the bottom line. Developing skills enables managers to properly map  out plans

          while employees develop attainable career paths.

          • Top Problems in Managing Employees?
            BizOptimizer Adventurer

            As a consultant, the top problem I see small business having with employees is developing the systems that keep them:

            • On the job.
            • At top performance.
            • Doing what they should - and not what they shouldn't.

            Many small business owners don't take vacations, because they don't trust that employees:

            • Will do the job.
            • Will not cheat them blind.


            Likwise, they don't have the systems/cost knowledge to regulate employee cost with rising and falling business trends.  Hope this helps.

            • Top Problems in Managing Employees?
              iyazam Adventurer

              Probably some of the top problems are keeping them off social media sites while they are working.