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    Request for advice on business law issues in the US


      I am a young woman, who wants to start and promote a small business in the US.I am a foreign national, a business owner and manager in my own country actually.

      I want to start a LLC in the US. However, I am not planning on investing a large amount of money.

        So, I am looking for  a lawyer  ,with whom I would most likely cooperate further ,after arriving in the US, to give me some information on a few business issues , as I am not familiar with the business environment in the US.

      I have been reading online about how a foreign national could start a new business in the US and I could say that, I got the main idea about the first steps that I would need to take, as the procedures are not that much different than what they are in my native country and as I have had 4 companies here up to now and started them myself, I could say that I am a fast learner.

      However, there are things that I certainly need to know and I don't seem to be able to find them that easily online.

        I would need to know about the payment methods used between companies in the US . In my country there are several other types of paying documents other than checks. I need to know a few things about checks there as well. If they can be issued for a delayed payment, meaning that , if I sell something to a company ,can they legally issue me a check with a due date past the date of the delivery, and if so , how many days past that date.

      Are there other bank documents that could be issued by companies as payments? What is the safest payment method between companies?

        What happens is a company refuses the check that has been issued to me? what are the legal problems that ,that company and its manager would encounter.


        Also, I would need some advice on the import laws, taxes and matters. As I am planning on developing a import business in the US.


        There are many other questions that I need to ask , and if there is a person who would like to talk to be and cooperate in the future with me and my future company in the US, please contact me at my email address:

       , oana_md5  at  yahoo dot com

      or ,  paneltrust at gmail dot com


      I will be waiting forward to your reply and thank you very much in advance for your co-operation .


      yours sincerely

      Oana M