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    Fantasy Sports related online site - advice needed


      Hello all, Thanks to any responses.


      Not sure how many understand the whole game and how it works so I will just point out a few basic things.

      First you pick the sport you are want to play Baseball, Football Basketball or Hockey.

      Pick a website that your leagues wants to play on.

      You need 8-14 people, 10 is usually the norm. Also depends on the sport.

      Draft last about 2 - 2 1/2 hours

      Then the person running the league will setup the scoring and how many players will be on the roster.

      A draft is the most popular way of picking players and the focus of my business idea.

      Normally there are 14-16 on a roster so thats how many rounds the draft go's.

      Season starts and you collect points and play vs. every team usually twice.



      The main focus of my site would be drafting your team for you. There are many sites out there that help you learn everything you need to know about fantasy sports from picking the right game for you to which players are the best for which scoring system you pick. There is alot to learn and what I'm thinking is there might be an audience that just doesnt want to learn all that mumbo jumbo and thats where I come in. Now I cant play the whole season for everyone that comes along but I think I can get you on the right track by drafting the right players for you. It would be basically a fantasy sports draft service. I'm not an expert but I do my homework and I am successful finishing at the top pretty much every year.

      So its boils down to see if something like this might work. Its basically a 10 week work year as I only will focus in baseball and football. Need to find the right price. I'm thinking between 19.95 to 29.95 with prime weeks an option. Is a higher price with maybe less customers the way or lower price with volume?  Would people trust me to log on to their accounts? Temporary password is the idea. My thinking is that this is almost like a sports handicapping service for betting on sports except instead of me picking who is gonna win a game, I will be choosing players for you to win your league. Disclaimer is in the works.


      If anyone can give any input on the negatives and the postives I would greatly appreciate it.


      Sorry about writing mess above. Hope it all makes sense.