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    Happy Holidays

    LUCKIEST Guide
      Warm wishes for a wonderful holiday season
      and a healthy, safe and abundantly prosperous New Year!!!


        • Happy Holidays

          thank you, Happy Holidays to you as well. I have a post up and was wondering if maybe you will be able to help me? I seen your other replies and it seems you know your stuff. Any help will be appreciated.


          Sincerely Ron


          P.S. I just started here so don't know the ropes yet.

            • Re: Happy Holidays
              LUCKIEST Guide

              Ron, I would be happy to help. How can I get in touch with you??


              • Happy Holidays
                KathleenF Scout

                Hi Hoochieturtle,


                If you go to the top of the page and click YOUR PROFILE then on the page that loads click Edit Profile & Privacy on the right which will bring you to where you can edit your personalized profile.  Remember to save and click the tab for privacy settings. 


                Once you complete the above Luckiest then can access your profile and obtain contact information.  Please remember to never post this information openly on the forum.


                Luckiest, you know it would be really nice if you started posting some knowledge on the community.  It would be great if you could educate the community as a whole on the benefits of creating a business plan and working with S.C.O.R.E.


                You could always write an article or two to help community members along.  Something to think about!  I'm sure it would be less time consuming than replying to each individual post.



              • Happy Holidays

                thankyou so much hey.. same wishes goes for you all!! enjoy!!