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    Starting A Clothing Line

      Hello There, my name is Stewart Richdale, I have always dreamt to have a clothing line for many years, and finally i have decided to go through with my dream. My clothing line is aged for teens up to adults, So far just menswear at the moment until i have successfully completed that task, I may move over the womanswear. I have many designs and a brand name. I need someone to help me out to produce my line of clothing, either based in the U.S.A or overseas.

      So far I am looking to produce T.Shirts , then from there I will be producing many other clothing options.
      I would like to produce small quantities first then lead up to make large amounts.

      I would like to have control over the designs being printed and also have feedback from the printer and producer.

      So if any one could help me out that would be great!

      Many Thanks