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    THE NEW (M.P.S) Micro Power Surply

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      After having for a long time been observing what has been happening in
      the energy sector, I began asking myself how the top energy researchers
      have been spending their time. What are they doing? And why and with
      what results? They meet from time to time to discuss and exchange ideas
      on hypothetical research projects and dream up new problems to fill
      their time and justify their positions.
      Let's take for example
      Hydro Quebec. According to their CEO ????? Hydro Quebec has invested
      over $200 million over the last ten years to design and construct an
      electric car that could go for up to 100 to 150 km on a single charge.
      However, having done this, that car has to be charged up for eight
      hours so that it can go for another 100km. Everything seems to have
      been considered and calculated.
      Two questions come to mind:
      First, at this rate it would take three or four days to to go from Montreal to Ottawa and back.
      this car, that in principle, should cost about $24,000, is not yet
      available on the market. Moreover, the Lithium-Metal-Polymer battery
      comes with no guarantee as to its capacity or durability. Also, the car
      was originally intended to take four passengers but in reality can now
      take only two.
      All this information is available at the website,, or by searching the internet for "Hydro Quebec nouveau
      recherche" and following the options.
      The advantages of the project
      (M.P.S) Infinito include the ability to heat and serve single-family or
      semi-detached houses, chalets or country houses, and, still more
      incredible, the car of the future would consume neither gas, nor diesel
      nor ethanol but would be supplied by energy produced from water,
      anti-freeze and mineral oil.
      In principle, it should be easy to
      produce all the energy that we need and still more, and all without any
      risk, since such projects would have to be approved by Hydro Quebec (or
      other electric utilities).
      Which means that the consumer would have
      to incur only a one time investment to buy the equipment and would no
      longer have to pay for electricity. Unfortunately, nothing is so
      simple, the big companies are not in favor of small companies or
      individuals like me, gaining the means to bring such a product to the
      market. In fact the whole system is conceived to protect the big energy
      monopolies. The truth is that you will have to continue to buy your
      electricity and fuel at exorbitant prices because the oil industry and
      OPEC tell our governments that that's just how it has to be and
      unfortunately nothing has changed. But from now on, we can tell OPEC
      that we are no longer willing to pay such prices and that we do not
      need them, since we can make our own energy so that we can drive our
      cars and heat our houses. We will then see the price of oil and its
      by-products drop down to a reasonable and realistic level.
      This is
      an open letter addressed to the public and will be published on the
      internet and in mass-circulation magazines so as to reach the maximum
      number of consumers. Then people will be able to express informed
      opinions and counter the arguments out forward by governments and the
      energy giants who control everything and share out the profits. We do
      not have to tolerate such an injustice any longer and demand to be
      treated in a just and equitable manner.

      Tomas Garcia
      (514) 991-5607