Failure: Not an option

Version 1

    Question: What is the name of your business?
    Your Answer: Bevo lawn & Tree service

    Question: Where is your business located (city & state)?  Who are the customers you serve?  What products or services does you company provide?

    Your Answer: We offer professional lawn maintenance and tree service at an affordable price.  located in Austin Texas, we are currently servicing and maintaining austin,san marcos,kyle,buda,manchaca,cedar park,round rock,pflugerville,and georgetown. 

    Question: When did you start your business? Why did you decide to start your own business?
    Your Answer:I have been in business for 2 years. I've been in this industry 15+ years. After making a few bad decisions in life, I took a trip to a place I never want to have to face again. I almost lost my wife of 21 years and our 4 kids. I'm 39 years old, i have worked in many fields of the work force, ranging from janitor to Management and now a business owner. Being told that i can't work somewhere cause of my convictions pushed me more to want more and prove not only to myself but to those i love, those i have hurt,  and those that say " sorry you don't qualify" that a person can change, a person deserves a second chance in life and don't judge someone cause you too could end up in my situation.



    Question: Did you quit your "day job" to start your business?  How did you initially fund your business?
    Your Answer: There was no day job or a job for that matter. Funding was and still is difficult. my wife retired after 24 years in the retail/sales industry.With  21 years of marriage, faith and courage , my wife pulled her retirement and purchased the equipment for me to start our family owned and operated business.

    Question: What has been the biggest challenge in running your company?
    Your Answer: my biggest challenge is time management. With emails, text messages, and phone calls coming in for lawn maintenance or tree service/removal, I find it hard to attend night courses to further my education and receive certification in my industry.

    Question: What’s been the biggest opportunity that came from owning your business?
    Your Answer: The opportunity for me to give back to my community and help out that one individual who deserves a second chance.

    Question: What has surprised you most about being your own boss?
    Your Answer: I don't consider myself the boss, the homeowner is the boss.

    Question: Is there a success tactic you’d like to share that could help other business owners (i.e. implementing new software, tactic to grow sales, etc.)?
    Your Answer: My personal tactic is stay confident. Believe in yourself and the service you can perform. AND NEVER GIVE UP.

    Question: What’s the best piece of advice you could give to other small business owners?
    Your Answer: To be successful you must first know how to handle failure.