If Your Word is your Bond: What is your Branding Saying About You?

Version 2


    My name is Keasha Lee, Creative Director of Striking Statements, LLC. My business is transient/virtual but I am based out of Northern Virginia. My customers are brilliant professionals who lack the communicative know-how to write content that best describes what they do. I serve by translating their genius into statements that get them noticed by the people who will love and buy what they offer.

    I started Striking Statements in 2006 while working full time in corporate Public Relations. The atmosphere I worked in didn't have the kind of dynamic energy I was craving and because I am a creative soul with no desire to play safe, I created Striking Statements as a side business initially to help others make Striking Statements to their loved ones with unforgettable ways of celebrating special milestones. The focus later evolved to help brilliant professionals make Striking Statements with the words that described and promoted their businesses. When you’re good at what you do, it’s easy to provide the service or deliver the product that is awesome.  What isn’t always so easy is to produce messaging that captures the essence of what motivates you to create the awesomeness that is your business. This includes your website, social media platforms, special promotions and in person conversation. How you describe what you do is so critical to your reputation and credibility.

    I quit the PR job to pursue my business and care for my young children. That was not the last "day job" that I had however; I sold bridal gowns, managed a children's retail store, and was a server in a semi-fine dining restaurant.  I worked (still do) from my laptop and networked, networked, networked on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. I also attended lots of in person networking events and I contributed to some online and print publications to get my name out there. My upfront costs were pretty low, and through my networking, gained some clients which paid for the revamp of my brand which included my logo, business cards, photos, and website/blog. Trust me, my brand evolved several times. 

    If there’s one thing that I recommend every small business owner to do, it’s to make sure that your efforts are authentic and that your personality shines through in your offerings, whether it’s the decorations in your restaurant or store, your tagline, and especially the content that you produce for your promotional materials, website, and anything else that speaks to your business.  Another aspect of business ownership that I believe is truly imperative for sustenance is to embrace the changes that occur. Your business goals will change and that’s okay, they should.  As your influence and business grows, so should your vision.  It’s about adapting to change; that’s the key to longevity.

    As Creative Director of Striking Statements, LLC, Keasha helps brilliant professionals translate their genius into captivating content that gets them what they want: to get noticed by the right people who love their services and buy their stuff.  Keasha’s brazen entrepreneurial spirit and insatiable seeking of her own truth has helped her clients reach their goals and her own as well.  You can get more acquainted with her at her website: http://www.strikingstatements.com  or on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram