The Real Story of C.D Ramey Automotive     

Version 1

    Question: What is the name of your business?
    Your Answer:  C.D Ramey Automotive              

    Question: Where is your business located (city & state)?  Who are the customers you serve?  What products or services does you company provide?

    Your Answer: Spartanburg, SC. Anyone who owns a vehicle, with our core customers owning European Model Cars ( Jaguars, Mercedes, Porsche, etc.) Automotive Repair    

    Question: When did you start your business? Why did you decide to start your own business?
    Your Answer: August 2012. My wife insisted we start a business because she felt I was giving away my talent and owning my business was always my dream.

    Question: Did you quit your "day job" to start your business?  How did you initially fund your business?
    Your Answer: My day job was as a technician or someone else. We were very fortunate that we found a building that was on the market for some time and the owners wanted to lease it out.

    Question: What has been the biggest challenge in running your company?
    Your Answer: Well we've been fortunate that between our individual talents it works. My wife has significant experience in business, both from her education as well as working as a small business banker.

    Question: What’s been the biggest opportunity that came from owning your business?
    Your Answer: Knowing that I can make decisions that are best for my family. The sky is the limit with regards to profitability.

    Question: What has surprised you most about being your own boss?
    Your Answer: I didn't think I was going to be able to deal with people as I am shy, but I've been pretty good at it from what I am told.

    Question: Is there a success tactic you’d like to share that could help other business owners (i.e. implementing new software, tactic to grow sales, etc.)?
    Your Answer: Yes, if you are a husband and wife team, or any team make sure that you leverage off of each others strengths and put your ego aside.

    Question: What’s the best piece of advice you could give to other small business owners?
    Your Answer:   It's business, don't be afraid of making decisions. You won't please everyone. As long as you are fair you are fine.