The Real Story of X and X Teamsports

Version 3

    Question: What is the name of your business?

    Your Answer:  X and X Teamsports

    Question: Where is your business located (city & state)?  Who are the customers you serve?  What products or services does you company provide?

    Your Answer: We are located in Spotsylvania, VA. We serve all youths in the Washington, DC; Maryland and Virginia area.

    Question: When did you start your business? Why did you decide to start your own business?
    Your Answer:  We started our business in June 2009. I decided to start my own business because of my own son. I was coaching basketball for the local parks and recreation. I saw so much talent among these children. They were very talented, but they had no purpose in life. I decided to start an organization that would allow them the opportunity to broaden their horizon. Give them a chance to go outside their local town and see how other children their ages act and respond to certain situations in life. But, I wanted to do this in a way they would have fun. So I decided to start an AAU youth travel organization.

    Question: Did you quit your "day job" to start your business?  How did you initially fund your business?
    Your Answer:  No, I cannot afford to quit my day job. I would, and still is, coaching the children during the day; and working 12 hour shifts during the night. I will schedule our tournaments every other weekend, on the days that I am off. I would love to grow my organization to a new level, so other youths in the surrounding areas , can have a chance to experience a new form of life. This will give them a chance to experience the importance of continuing education, teamwork and good sportsmanship. I initially started my organization by working extra shifts to purchase uniforms, equipment, practice facilities and travel expenses. I am still working overtime to cover these expenses.

    Question: What has been the biggest challenge in running your company?
    Your Answer:
    The biggest challenge in running my organization is the funding. I am burned out. If I don't find a way to fund our organization, I will have to give it up.

    Question: What’s been the biggest opportunity that came from owning your business?
    Your Answer:  The smiles I see everyday on our youth's face. These Kids deserve the best.

    Question: What has surprised you most about being your own boss?
    Your Answer:  Being able to run my business the way I want to run it.

    Question: Is there a success tactic you’d like to share that could help other business owners (i.e. implementing new software, tactic to grow sales, etc.)?
    Your Answer: I firmly believe that you have to truly enjoy what you are doing, then success will follow.

    Question: What’s the best piece of advice you could give to other small business owners?
    Your Answer: God has a purpose for each and everyone of us.  Never take anyone or anything for granted.  I GREATLY need your help.  VISIT: