How to be a Better Tweeter

Version 2

    Most people are terrible at interacting in social media; it amazes me how bad they are.  It amazes me mostly because they are normal socially aware people; in person they have no issues interacting with others but they get behind a pc screen and PRESTO…they forget how to play the game.

    I have noticed a few things we all do in “real life” all the time but too few people actually do in cyber space. Here they are.

    Start by Introducing Yourself

    It’s pretty simple when I was a kid my dad taught me to walk up to someone and introduce myself I’d shake their hand and if necessary I tell them how I knew them.

    Twitter is no different; a digital hand shake is still possible. Every time I follow someone I try and send them a reply saying "Hi", letting them know I am following them and how I found them.  I even go one farther and try to say something unique to them either from their profile or the link they supply. If I’m really trying to impress them I’ll RT something from their feed.

    It’s very simple but it looks like this:

    @FOREPerfrom I’m following you now, just wanted to say hi…saw your “Golf fitness” tweet and I liked it, how’s your day going?

    Give Praise

    If you’re on twitter you want to grow your network, be thankful when someone helps you do that whether it’s a new follower or just someone who RTed you.  Even though most people already do it I’ll mention thanking people for #FF’s too.

    Here is what I do:

    @lizmelv Thanks for the follow, I can’t wait to read your tweets. #Imfollowingback

    Compliment Others

    Everyone likes to receive compliments, I can’t remember where I saw the study but it said something to the effect that even if someone knows you’re not serious about a compliment it will positively affect their opinion of you. That has always stuck with me.  The best way to compliment someone on twitter is with an #FF or RT, I always try and RT’s links with a comment like this

    Really good article about aimpoint golf must read @JohnGrahamGolf AimPoint Golf Green Reading-Using the AimCharts >>

    When It comes to #FF everyone crams as many user names as they can into the tweet I do the opposite instead of sending out #FF’s for 30 of my closest tweeps, I do 3-5 a week but they are personal and look like this:

    #FF @SMMinc Social Media strategist really knows his stuff & has a lot of great info on his business blog, go check it out >>

    Ask Questions

    A lot has been written on how to engage people on twitter and most of the time it includes asking questions but I can’t leave this out because it’s such a big part of it.  Ask a question, not just to the world, to specific people.  This works for a few reasons but I think there are two that are most powerful.

    1.)   People feel guilty not responding

    2.)   People love to talk about themselves

    I often ask a question in a RT all at once to encourage a response. Here is how it looks.

    What are you trying to do? RT @MonB4V Having some difficulties with my Thesis theme for wordpress website

    There is no way I covered everything but doing these things will give you a good base in becoming less socially awkward on twitter. Give them a try and let us know how it works out for you. Also as always if you have any tips or tricks that could help the rest of us be better tweeters we’d love to hear about them.