Email Marketing And The Holidays: 6 Essential Tips

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    During the holidays, subscribers’ inboxes get flooded with various promotional content, making it more important for yours to stand out, hold their attention, and encourage engagement through effective email marketing.


    This holiday season will present new challenges and new opportunities as you plan your strategy, so let’s take a moment to examine what you’ve learned from last years campaign to make improvements.


    The following are 6 new tips for email marketing during the holidays.


    1. Promote early bird specials


    Provide subscribers with special early bird promotions to encourage them to start shopping early. Remind them that shopping early will reduce stress, save money, and allow them to have more time with their loved ones during the holiday season. Always design promotional emails with the subscribers’ interests in mind.


    Elaborate on the benefits of the exclusive, online-only, early bird special. If subscribers feel special, it will prompt them not only to make the purchase, but after receiving the special deals, will entice them to remain a subscriber and look forward to future content.


    2. Integrate mobile email


    The past year has seen a dramatic increase in the use of mobile devices for emailing purposes, and many shoppers will likely use smartphones to tackle their holiday shopping lists. Take advantage of this by finding innovative ways to integrate your mobile and email marketing channels.


    With mobile devices in hand, shoppers have the ability to instantly act upon in-store ads that invite subscribers to join emails lists or become Facebook fans. Try hosting online shopping lists with email reminders or coupons that can be redeemed when shown in-store on a smartphone screen.


    3. Improve distribution frequency


    Review the activity of your mailing list from the previous holiday season and make adjustments to the frequency at which you distribute your content based on the level of engagement from subscribers.


    Also, consider an additional opt-in for a “holiday series” campaign to increase distribution frequency specifically for individuals who want it. In this way, content will be distributed at a higher frequency but only to those who want it and at the same time, increase the amount of your profiled customers.


    4. Cross-pollinate e-mail and social networks


    Even as many of your email subscribers tune in to your other marketing channels, it is likely that they utilize the various channels to fulfill different purposes. Make the sum of your social networks greater than the parts by finding the best way to make all your channels work together.


    Start by reviewing the last few months of content on your other marketing channels to find what drives the conversation. Conversation is at the heart of social networking. You won’t learn a thing by using social networks strictly for selfish promotional purposes.


    Then, look for ways to integrate your email and social networks. The most obvious method is to post an opt-in page on all social network-landing pages and in a similar way, link prominently to your social networks in your emails with share buttons or links.


    5. Post-holiday programs


    Holiday shoppers notoriously join lists to take advantage of the deals, then disappear. Get your subscribers to stick around by demonstrating the ongoing benefits of participating in your email program and social networks.


    First, send a friendly holiday greeting to show that your company is about more than the hard sell. Follow this up with messages that highlight other strengths of your campaign like insider info on products or in-store services.


    6. Holiday cheer

    Shoppers tend to get caught up in the holiday spirit and likely expect a little from your company as well. Add a little holiday cheer into your marketing campaign and show contacts that this isn't just another ad.


    At the very least, wish customers a happy holiday to build goodwill towards your brand and increase awareness of your campaign.


    As you begin to plan your holiday email marketing strategy, take a step back to make sure you're taking advantage of all marketing channels and creative talents to make the most of your campaign.