6 Content Ideas For Your Email Newsletter Campaigns

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    Of all the forms of communication between you and your B2B clients, your email newsletter holds the greatest potential as far as building relationships is concerned. As we all know, a strong relationship is the key to a successful B2B, so it’s important to fill your newsletter with content that is both entertaining and thought provoking.


    Here are a few ideas for those of you out there who are looking for some fresh content that will put your email newsletter on the top of your clients “to read” list.


    The Interview


    An interview with an industry leader is a great way to kick off an email newsletter. Ask the subject of your interview questions about his or her beginnings in the business, how their views have changed since starting out, and what their “best practices” are. Newcomers to the industry, as well as old pro’s, tend to find this type of interview informative, as well as entertaining.


    Thoughts On The Future


    New business trends pop up everyday. Why not let your readers in on what you think the coming trends will be, and in what direction you think your industry will be heading in the future. It’s important that your readers feel like they  are part of a community that shares information with one another. You may even consider inviting your readers to comment on your predictions and post the comments in the following newsletter. Encouraging conversation between you and your clients is a great way to build trust and strengthen relationships.


    In This Weeks Episode…


    Want to make sure that your clients are looking forward to your next email? Find an in depth topic that you think would be an interesting addition to your newsletter and release it as an article series. This “mini series” method works especially well when it breaks up complex legal or technical articles that would otherwise dominate your newsletter. At the end of each article give your readers a sneak peak of what’s coming next to keep them excited.


    Current Events


    From economic trouble effecting countries across the globe to the race to find alternative energy sources, there is plenty going on in the world today that could effect the way you and your clients do business. Think outside the box by looking toward the mainstream media for inspiration.




    Frequently Asked Questions sections may seem like an obvious addition, but you’d be amazed at how few B2B email newsletters actually include them. FAQ’s are especially helpful for your newer subscribers. Include information about your company, it’s history and some of the clients you work with. If you encourage your readers to participate in conversations or submit ideas for future articles, the FAQ section is the perfect place to put your contact information.




    Videos are becoming more and more common in B2B newsletters, and because they are so inexpensive to produce, all you need is a flip cam and some free video editing software. The possibilities are nearly endless. Ask one of your customers for a testimonial or take a tour of your factory. Make a how-to video or introduce a new product. With a little imagination you can make an entertaining, informative video that will make your email newsletter a hit.


    What goes in your newsletter is up to you, but before you hit that send button, look through your newsletter and ask yourself, “is this the kind of email I’d be happy to find in my inbox?”