7 Tips On Naming Your Business

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    Creating a memorable business name is one of the most important steps in the process of starting a new business. An attractive name should not only make your business stand out but will in turn, make it more likely for people to consider the products or services you offer.


    Here are 7 tips on naming your business.


    1. Carefully choose a domain name

    Before forming a limited liability company, first check to make sure that the potential names you’ve created for the business are available to register as a domain name. Create a few options for the legal name of your business, register the best available domain name to suit your business then, choose a corresponding legal name.


    The legal name should not only be memorable but should correspond with the domain name of your business in a way that is simply synonymous to customers. It is increasingly important for businesses to consider their presence and accessibility online when trying to decide on a legal name for their company.


    2. Keep the audience in mind

    Try to think long term when choosing a name for your business. Balance the desire to appeal directly to a niche market with the necessity to appeal to new markets as your business grows.


    Define your customer base and target market ahead of time to help define the parameters of your current influence and future aspirations.


    3. Influential acronyms

    Consider the use of acronyms when naming your business. Acronyms provide the advantage of a catchy title that is easy for people to remember.


    Having said that, make sure that the acronym you are using is memorable but has never been used, and is neither crude nor inappropriate for your business. A good acronym will allow people to easily remember and associate a meaningful and short term with your business.


    4. Wise misspellings

    Think about using a name that cleverly works with a misspelling. Keep it simple by maintaining the bulk of the original word but add a twist by changing a letter to enhance the meaning.


    Wise misspellings can help create a unique look for your business and is one of the quickest ways to generate a catchy business name.


    5. Positive connotations

    Many words have both a literal meaning as well as a connotation or emotional meaning. Depending on the emotional associations that people generally make, a word’s connotation can be positive, neutral or negative.


    When creating a business name, it is important to choose words that have the positive connotations you want the general public to associate with your business. Make sure that the connotations are suitable for your business and convey the appropriate associations.


    6. Descriptive vocabulary

    Up until your business has the notoriety of Nike or Kleenex, you need to make sure that your new name gives potential clients clues about what your business actually does. Including information about what your business does in the business name will make it easier for potential clients to find your business in phone books and directories.


    7. Keep it short

    Again, it is important to keep a business name short precisely because it helps clients remember and enables them to tell others about your business but it is also important for promotional purposes.


    You want your business name to fit well on a business card for example or in an ad or a billboard. A shorter business name will also serve better as a domain name and will do better with search engines.


    A name spells many things. Whether you are starting a local, global, or online business, make sure that the name is memorable and appropriate for your business.