5 Places To Promote Your B2B Email Marketing Newsletter

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    Here are two phrases that, once you enter the wide world of email marketing campaigns and newsletters, you are bound to hear repeatedly: Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B). B2C and B2B marketers have their similarities, as in both are examples of businesses trying to sell a product, and they may use they same outlets to promote their newsletters, but B2B marketers need to remember that they are dealing with a different type of animal than the B2C folk.  Here are some pointers, specifically for you B2B-ers out there, who are looking for places to promote your email newsletters.



    The most attractive thing about Twitter, to me at least, is that it takes absolutely no time at all to post something, and, if with some creative hash tagging, the amount of people you can reach is nearly limitless. Now, as a B2B marketer, remember that the trick is keeping up with your tweets, without overdoing it. Tweet a link to your website, and a link to a newsletter sign up sheet, then wait a while: over tweeting can make you look unprofessional.


    Your Site

    Every page of your web site should present visitors an opportunity to sign up for your newsletter. As I’m sure you are well aware, it’s easier for someone to move on to the next page than to hit the back button multiple times looking for a signup form. Maximize the marketing potential of your site and start collecting those email addresses!


    The signup form doesn’t have to take up too much space or draw attention away from the value of your products, but if it isn’t there, you may miss out on a chance to expand your mailing list.


    LinkedIn Profile

    Because your LinkedIn profile can be searched by name, region, business type, etc. it is the perfect place to promote your B2B email newsletter. Make sure that there is a link to your newsletters sign up form in your public profile so any one who finds your profile via a random search can have a chance to sign up.


    Forum Posts

    People head to forums when they need answers, right? Why not use this to your advantage? Search forums for questions you know the answers to, or even better yet, problems that you know the products your company sells can help solve. After adding a post to the forum, include a link to you signup sheet after your signature. Providing someone with helpful advice, whether you plug your products or not, will give you credibility and peak interest in your newsletter and your company.


    Polls and Surveys

    This is one of my favorite tips for getting people to sign up for your newsletter because it gives you a chance to be a bit creative with the content of your site, and it’s a bit sneaky. Create a poll or survey on your web site and drive traffic to it using social media sites. Then, simply ask each person who participates in the survey to sign up for your newsletter? Easy, right?


    B2B marketing is all about long-term relationships, and those relationships begin when someone signs up for your email newsletter. Always be on the look-out, and never miss an opportunity to lead other businesses to your signup sheet so you can get those email addresses.