5 Ways To Make Your Email Campaign Dazzle

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    In all my years as an email marketing writer, there's one sad thing that I've learned: many newsletters could easily function as cures for insomnia. From dry content to limp calls to action, it seems that many small business owners would like to send campaigns that sizzle, but they lack the direction and know-how to do so. 

    If you're a small business owner or manager, and you've been stuck on how to up your email game, don't fret. Creating an email or newsletter that grabs the attention of subscribers – and keeps it – can easily be done if you follow these tips:


    Mix Up That Media

    It’s all about keeping their attention. Wow your audience with exciting content and they’ll be sure take notice. A good place to start is with your images. Subscribe to a stock photo service and you’ll have access to thousands of photos that you can use to spruce up you newsletters and web sites. “How to” videos and video testimonials are another great way to vary the content in your marketing campaign.


    Vary Your “Call To Action”

    If you want to keep people interested, you have to do more than ask them to click on a link. Get your customers involved. Ask them to fill out surveys and participate in polls. Get them to list their favorite products of the year and forward your email to their friends.

    Add social media links to all of your emails and ask your readers to tweet about your products and post your newsletter on their Facebook walls. The more you vary your calls to action, the more your audience will stay involved.


    Revamp Your Subject Lines

    The subject of your email is always the first thing that your customers see, and if the subject line isn’t engaging, it could be the last. Be concise, but don’t overdo it. Subject lines should be inviting, and whenever possible, personalized. You are reaching out to your audience, and your subject lines should reflect that.


    Get A New Email Template

    Your email template should be clean, easy to navigate and multimedia friendly. Keep in mind that the easier it is for people to get around, the longer they’ll stay. Chances are you have been using your current email template for a while. There’s no time like the present to freshen up your look.


    Focus on Economy Of Language

    Keep all the written content in your emails short and sweet. Emails that are too wordy tend to get passed over without a second glance. Get rid of all the unnecessary words and get to the point as fast as you can. If something needs a longer explanation, it’s better to link back to your site than your stuff your email full of wordy content. Plus, adding links back your site will bump up your site traffic, which in turn increases your ranking on sites like Google.


    When it comes to your email marketing campaign, creativity is key. Keep things interesting and your audience will stay interested. Send them the same old content week after week, month after month, and they'll not only get bored, but they'll opt out of your list faster than you can say “5 hour lecture”.