Writing Articles Puts a Sales Agent To Work for You

Version 3
    I have always been impressed by how the Internet Marketing Gurus continue to write articles for online exposure.

    And that is why Article Marketing needs to be a part of your marketing strategy.

    Many people feel they are just not good at writing and that can hold you up for a long time. But, you will need to change that type of thinking if you are planning on building an online business! As a business coach, I decided I needed to learn how to take advantage of this and get my 'sales agents' out there working for me A.S.A.P.

    What will writing articles do?

    Make you a published writer - Wow! I was so excited and my family impressed by that little fact. Of course, it is a big deal for someone like me that always wanted to be a published writer! And, what seems difficult to my family and friends, really is very simple for me, now. Now that my own business coaches convinced me, that is!

    Writing articles will get the 'word' out about you and your business - as an entrepreneur and small business owner or just starting an internet business.

      • Reach targeted clients online, bringing in organic traffic (not paid for traffic).
      • It is a self promotion method that takes little time to accomplish

    Now, I write an article almost every day. I have my system working. Each morning I spend about an hour researching, writing and submitting my article.

    I write a short article from 250-700 words and submit it. At first I spent over an an hour writing, but soon, I was producing a great article much faster.

    But, am I seeing results? A definite yes - and as the days go buy I see more and more. This is just another step in building client relationships.