Saving Restaurants.....One by One

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    Many years ago, I was consulting with the owner of a small Restaurant and trying to help her out with her low sales. At the time, I also owned a Restaurant and both of us were standing in my dining room and looking out the window early in the morning before any of my employees had arrived for work. After her and I talked for 30 minutes or so, she asked how I felt about helping her since she was my competition. Well, I looked her in the eye and I asked her how many customers she had each day and she sheepishly said about 62. Then I pointed outside to Shoney's and then to McDonalds and then to Burger King and I told her that each of these guys had more that a thousand customers every day. Then I asked her, now, who do you think my real competition is?

    The Restaurant business can be a nerve racking experience but for the right person, with the right frame of mind and the right attitude it can also be a pleasure and a joy. Hello everyone, my name is Tom C. Bradburn and I have been involved in the Restaurant business since 1962 and I can tell you first hand that this business is not for everyone. I love using the phrase, "If you're the type person who wants to quit every time you bump up against the wall......This business may not be for you. But, if you love a challenge and your attitude is, I'm going to make this work no matter what problems I may face......I'd like to welcome you to the Restaurant business!"

    The Restaurant business has been around for decades, even centuries and despite all the problems and stress involved, the Restaurant business continues to thrive.

    Do you want to try your hand at this difficult venture? Millions have and I can tell you that only 10% of those who tried found success. Now, why do you think that is? Well, on the surface, the Restaurant business seems relatively simple. You may rent a building, buy some equipment along with a few tables and chairs to put inside your building, then you may hire a few happy souls who you don't know and you call them employees. Next, you may buy a little food and then open your doors and call that opening day.

    All of those things are someone's dreams, but unfortunately their dreams will quickly be dashed because the planning has been weak. The Restaurant business is actually a very serious business and success will not be found through luck. Success can only be found through determination and Restaurant knowledge.


    I have trained Restaurant Managers and employees for 48 years and I can tell you that it takes a special type of attitude to make it in my world. Many times, when a person steps into the world of the Restaurant business, they have no idea what they've walked into. While many may enter a training program, only a few will hang in there until the training is complete, in fact, many trainees will not make it past their first lunch rush.

    But, get this. Opening and running a successful Restaurant is no different that opening or running any other successful business on the planet. To have any chance at success, you must be properly trained. Now, this next statement may sound ludicrous to you, but think about it for a minute. I don't think you would go to your local gas station and ask the attendant to perform brain surgery on you, but, at the same time, I don't think you would be surprised to hear that your local gas station attendant decided to open a Restaurant next week.

    I think you get the point. The Restaurant business is not a business to take lightly. It takes due diligence, training, knowledge, determination, patience and time, time, time. If you're not willing to give 100% of each of those, you're gonna find the going tough.

    Find your solutions to the Restaurant business at Good luck and have a great career!