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    Why Texting While You Workout Will Hurt You Inside The Gym As Well As Your Sales ResultsGym-sm.jpg


    This week at the gym I noticed many people texting, while they worked out. Not just texting in-between their sets and exercises, but literally texting as they were exercising.


    I saw one person doing seated calf raises, as he was texting, another texting while on the treadmill, and yet another texting while doing leg extensions. Texting while working out, though not as dangerous as texting while driving, could hurt you in many ways.


    There is is the obvious risk of injury, but the risk of thinking multi-tasking is effective is even more dangerous. If you are not focused on your calves when you are working your calves, the results will greatly suffer. If you are not focused on your prospect or client when you are meeting with them, you are sacrificing and jeopardizing the relationship. The bottom line is, you are wasting your time. Multi-tasking simply fails.


    What does this mean in terms of focus when you are selling? Well, if you are not in the moment and truly focused on your client, you are wasting their time and yours.


    Here are some questions to ask yourself to help increase your focus on your prospect to avoid wasting their time and yours, and to increase productivity within every sales interaction.


       1)  Am I thinking about my next meeting or the meeting I am in right now?

       2)  Am I waiting for my prospect to finish speaking so I can speak next? Or, am I listening to what they have to say?

       3)  Is my phone or blackberry on or off? (It should be off or on silent and put away)

       4)  Am I checking my phone during the meeting?

       5)  Am I focused on anything other than my prospect?


    Texting while you workout is just one example, but start paying attention to wherever else you may be multi-tasking or not focused on the job at hand. Remember, multi-tasking simply does not work in the gym or anywhere else. Start being in the moment and you will see improved results in all areas of your life and career.


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