Simplifying Doesn’t Mean Simplistic

Version 3

    Last week, I launched a new joint venture, Small Biz Break, with my partner Maria Smith-Alvira. As part of our marketing, I polled some entrepreneurs on LInkedIn asking, "How would you like to see starting a small business simplified?" I received some interesting answers.

    One respondent, a business consultant, stated that he didn't want the process simplified because he thought it was best for people to realize how demanding a new business can be. I understand where he's coming from, but I don't agree.

    Simplifying isn't synonymous with simplistic. Starting and running a small business takes dedication, vision, focus, talent, and resourcefulness, among other things. It is work.

    While we believe working by the beach for an hour or two a day making a six-figure income is a nice thought, we don't believe it's a healthy expectation to set for your start-up. And this isn't our vision with Small Biz Break. We don't believe in hustling magic dreams of a one-size-fits-all, instant formula for success.

    There are many novice and struggling entrepreneurs who need help clearing up the clutter of overwhelming options and activities, and replacing that scattered existence with focus ... focus on actions specific to moving their business forward. The popularity of this community is proof of that need.