Gain More Customers by Building Trust

Version 3

    Now that you have a website up and running, you are able to see money falling from the sky when you are sleeping. How can you increase revenues? What is the number one reason that customers will buy from you and not your competitors?


    The answer is trust.


    When making a purchase decision, trust determines whether one eventually will buy from this merchant and not from the others. Trust also brings back old customers - whether you have repeat customers decide whether you can survive and thrive.


    Imagine you are driving on a freeway, you see an unknown burger restaurant and you see McDonald. Which one will you walk into? Most people will opt for McDonald (unless he really want to try something different or exotic). People choose a McDonald because they know the burger quality will be the same as other McDonalds they have tasted. Instead of risking having a bad burger and possibly waste money, most people opt for a familiar brand because they TRUST it.


    How can you build trust on your website?


    1. Make your site professionally designed. This include correct color scheme that speaks your brand and well-written copywriting. Double check your copywriting. Fully test your website functionality. Think of it as a job interview. You want your employer to think you are appropriately dressed (not sloppy) and guess your performance will be as neat as your look.


    2. Be 100% honest and treat your customer right. Make sure your product description is correct and there is no misrepresentation. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Will you be happy about the products and services that you will receive? Do you receive more than you expect? Happy customers will buy from you again and will speak good of you to their friends. If you recall a YouTube video on how an airline company break his guitar, you don't want your customers get so mad at you that they want the whole world to know it.


    3. Value customer's privacy. Most websites have a privacy policy that states they do not share your email with a third party. Your website should do so. Win your customers' respect by not spamming them, giving them only the information they opt to receive, and opt them out of your email database as soon as they unsubscribe.


    4. Ensure website security. If you are conducting e-commerce transactions such as accepting online payments, you should use a secure technology (SSL). SSL ensures that your customers' credit card details will be transmitted only to you and no other third party can see that information over the Internet. By implementing SSL on your website, your customers will have peace of mind when giving you their credit card information. Using PayPal as a payment option also worth your consideration. Paypal allows the users to enter their email and password only without giving the merchant their credit card number. Some people prefer this payment method because it adds one additional security layer. PayPal claims that most websites increase revenues by more than 14% when adding PayPal as an alternative payment option. If you are accepting online payments, adding PayPal might also increase your revenues.


    5. Add testimonials. If your company is mentioned on any reputable print, make sure your potential customers know it. Any testimonials from your customers will add confidence to your potential customers that they can trust you and buy from you. Think of it this way, when you buy on eBay, do you look at the feedback score of the seller?


    Many people have a great product and have built a great website. However, they do not see revenues come in as they expect. Many claimed that whey they resolve the trust issue, the business takes off quickly. Every relationship is personal, including business relationship. Build trust and build relationship with a long term view and you should see your business make a giant jump.