Your man in Saigon, Vietnam

Version 4


    • Started working in kebab shop located downtown. It was there where I first discovered the opportunity to communicate and encounter foreigners' daily quarrels. I began to help my friends solve daily problems and deal with landlords then I found out that I was very good at understanding and helping foreigners enjoy living in the city.
    • Over the past 5 years, I have obtained considerable experience providing services to expats and travelers - as well as charity organizations. I very much enjoy helping foreigners discover my city, my country, and the world-renowned Vietnamese hospitality. I am a honest and hard-working person with the love and understanding for my city. It is my hope to enhance your stay here in Vietnam and have you leave with a ravenous fervor to return!
    • Numerous outstanding references available upon request.
    • Have you added my number to your phone yet???

    Services with practical situations:
    1. With international charity organizations:
      • Sign contract with Michigan Evaluation Centre, responsible for providing interpretation for 2 evaluators during the meetings with the Heifer international staffs and site visits to projects in rural areas scattered throughout the country.
      • Accompany with Ms Lynn, President of Connecting Communities Vietnam, working with local government officers to conduct and supervise small projects in remote hamlets in Tien Giang province.
    2. With business:
      • Douglas Ray Jamieson (custom and stock athletic clothing)
        • Find and establish rapports with suppliers, manufacturers and factories.
        • Responsible for maintain consistently price and quality of products as well as couriers.
        • Help him settle down with accommodation, bike and driving license...
        • Mr Doug had a stroke at 12 am and I brought him to the nearest hospital on my bike. Then they transferred us to a bigger hospital. I spent 3 days taking care of him in hospital coz I was the only one who he knew in Vietnam.
      • Natasha Stalker (musical studio)
        • Work directly with contractors to make sure that construction finished on schedule.
        • Find and supply furniture, equipments, tools, accessories at the fair prices.
        • Make sure security of studio by hiring and supervising maid and securities.
        • Liaise with suppliers to make sure the consistent performance of equipments.
      • Rajinder Kalsi (International Textile and Materials Fair)
        • Provide interpretation at the fair.
        • Travel and find manufacturers in whole-sale markets.
      • International Jewelry and Watch Fair
        • Provide interpretation at the fair.
        • Look for traders and establish rapports with them.
        • Find exchange agency to buy big amount of USD with a fair rate.
    3. With expat and friends (frequent clients):
      • Work as virtual assistant for Michael Kokalari (senior advisor of VFM)
        • Provide interpretation for Mike at meetings, events, his lectures at the natural science university...
        • Help him solve daily problems as a concierge.
        • Provide translation for economy news as needed.
      • Help pilot deal with landlord and solve housing problems: Samin, Martini, Peter, Shuhei and Jean Pierre.
      • Take and accomplish orders for Eric, Todd...
        • Receive and accomplish custom orders: team shirts; dart-holders...
        • Find carpenter to meet Todd' special outdoor furniture.
      • With travelers:
        • City guide for travelers: Sharon Simrin; Mark&Kaoru; Robert&Miki; Gordon Olson
        • Help Gil and Theresa for wedding trip and album.