As Real As It Gets

Version 3
    After serving 27 years in State and Federal Prison I was prompted by numerous friend, business associates and others to start a Prison Consulting Company. Before this I wrote a book Called Prison Etiquette the real guide and secret codes to living and surviving in prison. I am in the process of getting a copyright for my book. It was this book that peeked the interest of many of my friends and which lead to my new business. I researched the market before opening my business and screened all the Prison Consultants and their claims to winning clients. There is a big debate over Prison Consultant's consulting Attorney's clients without their knowledge and/or against their wishes. My Company is geared and focused on procuring clients through Law firms and Attorneys. My goal is to work for Attorney's not against them. In doing this I will change the market. Please see my site for more information on my services.

    Thank You.


    William Mulholland