Disaster creates opportunity- A new sustainable Chile

Version 4
    The recent earthquakes that have rocked Chile have resulted in more than one million destroyed homes. Reconstruction is underway and the Chilean government is requesting the new homes incorporate permaculture features. Permaculture is a whole systems approach to design that is unique to each site. Considerations include water collection, treatment, waste water treatment, energy sources, food production and community development. Working with nature, each home becomes a part of a local network independent of centralized systems that collapse quickly in times of disaster.
    The victims of the earthquake need quick and simple solutions. Once their basic needs are met, rebuilding of permanent structures will begin and the hope is that mistakes from the past will not be repeated. The model created in Chile will be useful for other disaster areas. This is not only a solution for developing countries. As witnessed in New Orleans, nature does not discriminate based on race, income or GNP.
    Our project was born of a simple youth hostel that now is the hub of an urban demonstration site and training center. Our operations are financed by the income from the hostel and we expand features as budget permits. We also operate a forest retreat center nearby. We are get launching our program and seek strategic partnerships and invite like minded companies to join us in creating a sustainable web that promotes a replicable model of human scale development for the world.
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