Selling Wholesale is Good for Business!

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    CAREBOXTM is an online boutique store that offers a collection of charming gifts for people who are not feeling their best. ( If you want to give a gift that will help somebody sleep, recover from a cold or nausea, or simply cheer up, is a great resource.

    But, starting an online business is not for the faint of heart. As it turns out, building a brand and a beautiful site is the easy part. Finding great vendors is also easy. But getting exposure is simply one of the hardest things in the world. How do you get people to know to come to your site? How would YOU find your site if you didn't know it was there?

    Everybody mentions Facebook, and how important it is to Tweet about everything. But I am not so sure about that. After tons of friends and followers and constant cheering, the bottom line has not resulted in sales-which has been confusing.

    Here are some of the problems I have discovered:

    Email blasts: people are sick of these, I know I am. They get deleted almost as fast as they are sent out.
    Facebook: Very fun to keep up with people, and you get so many new friends who cheer you on. Fun, but not necessarily an asset to a business.
    Twitter: This is wild and fun too, information gets a huge blast into the world, AND lots of people follow you, BUT...the business bottom line? Not there.
    Linked in: lots of resumes

    But in this modern age of online media, social events in the cloud, the truth is that basic business is the only thing that seems to be real. Talking to people face to face, knowing people, and their staff, and their birthday is what actually makes the difference in business.

    After a hard invitation to get, I was invited to Stanford Hospital for a Christmas event where I brought CAREBOX, and suddenly there they were-the customers I had been looking for all along. After two days in a hallway with all my gifts open and for sale, I sold out of everything, and people wanted more. The magic I was looking for online was suddenly there-but in real life.

    Since that event, CAREBOXTM gifts are now in the Stanford Hospital gift shop. And now El Camino Hospital too. And appointments with a dozen other hospitals have been lining up. Proof that people still need people-face to face.

    Christine Curavo
    CAREBOXTM - Founder

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