Sizzle by Building your own Board of Directors

Version 3

    There are so many times I have questions about my company or need some advice from people that know me and can be objective. Most of us want referrals, but we fail to see the importance of having someone speak on you our behalf that could lead to a nice lead to a nice transaction. With that in mind, I realized when I bought something, it was from someone I knew, someone who had a good reputation, or someone who referred them. In mid December, I decided in order to be successful, I needed to pull a team of executive from different companies that I have met to see if they wanted to be involved in being part of a board. At the onset, I knew we needed a mission statement so that we were on the same page. We brainstormed and agreed. Several weeks later new members joined. Our discussion gearred to promoting our companing and detemining changes that need to be made within owe companies with an objective point of view by the leaders in the room. We have brought in more business by referring and speaking to each others companies then every before. Since I had 35 years in corporate as an executive, I realized that some the the things I learned along the way could benefit others and others could benefit me. The challenge was to pick the right people that could represent my company by having the right image, influence, and some specialized knowledge.
    Within a few weeks, we engaged an office assistant, a general manager of a title company, a owner of a nutrition company, an attorney, a business development manager,and a financial advisor. All with professional attributes that could be an added advantage to your company. As we began our frank conversations, we began to point out things that we didn't see in our own companies but other would, Yes, we talked about negative things that may be preventing us success. I outline each week a topic to build our companies and get accountability from each person. Yes they have work to do. We as a group provide sound advice to each other. I realized that this was a key to our success of the coming year. With that in mind, we referred each other businesses to outside companies. The success in this to my company was major, a change in logo that was more suitable, new brochures, new clients, and webpage. Then we had some real affirmations that only can make us as a group be successful. My plan is to continue this and start another group so that others can begin to understand the benefits of having someone looking out for your company. My company was a consolidated image company which slanted on beauty and business. Our groups determined that the best way to do this was to split the companies. An anti-aging company and an executive company. Thanks to this group of influencial leader, we are able to see beyond next step. Goal setting was our focus at the end of the year. If you set goals, then likely they will happen.