Networking led to our new business.

Version 2
    Consider my situation: Being a cave dwelling keyboard clacking internet programmer has it's downside.. I don't get to meet many people, and as my business depends on others, I need to get out and meet with people that might lead me to new clients.

    A business associate, 'Dale', suggested I meet with a graphic artist he knew 'Markkus', perhaps we could co-operate. Now, I'm not an artist! Crayola is a complex art form for me. So this sounded like a good referral, and I make a point of following up on referrals.

    After a couple of test projects, Markkus and I needed to do something that would generate income and help our business grow. We both have a background that includes business networking, so that was the realm of the project. Originally a business card exchange, our idea quickly grew. Input from associates prompted the Referral Manager, and that is the basic story as to how we began the development of

    It seems that having a good business network can pay off in many different ways. Now I maintain a blog on networking ( and share my networking tips with readers.