A Better Business Bureau for Businesses

Version 3
    For the past 25 years, I have been involved in the service industry, with most of those years, owning my own business. As a young man I was taught that in life and in business, you were to have integrity. This has been a mainstay for my foundation in life and in business. The problem is that there are an increasing amount of people who do not hold these same values. I grew up during a time when most people were told "the customer is always right", but that isn't always true anymore.

    The idea for Business Beware came from years ago when I was eating with a fellow friend and business owner. We sat there talking about our businesses when we both said that there was a customer that had given us such a headache while trying to work with them and we both soon realized we were talking about the same person! That's when the idea about a site where businesses can warn each other about these certain "hard to please" customers came to me. I researched to see if there was anything already available for businesses, and there was nothing.

    I told my daughter Ashley about the idea, and she thought it was a great idea, so we started looking into everything we needed to do to make this idea into a reality. We launched the site in May '08 and since then have had nothing but positive feedback from everyone that has come across it or heard about it. Most will say "I have been looking for something like this for years!"

    For so long customers have had many outlets available for them to rate businesses. All of them are great sites for consumers, but what about the business and their side? With Business Beware, we want to give your business a voice where you have the chance to tell your side of the story too. Not all customers are bad, there are just some that literally take advantage of businesses any way they can. Even restaurants deal with those that eat their food then try and get out of paying for the dish they just consumed... Businesses need an outlet they can warn fellow businesses about these certain type of customers for future reference.

    In the same way the Better Business Bureau works, Business Beware allows...... businesses and contractors to file complaints against(hard to please) customers in their area throughout the US and Canada. Customers are also able to file a rebuttal if they want to tell their side as well. Our goal is to shed light to businesses who are trying to work hard and do a good service for customers, but have had to deal with slow paying customers, customers who will not pay, and customers who you cannot please.

    Each day we have more members join from all over and we receive numerous testimonials from people that love the site and are so thankful to have this tool for their business. For example: "After I joined Business Beware, I started using the site to search and post about customers I have dealt with in the past or here recently. When I sent out late notices and received notes back with excuses for why they (the customer) were not going to pay, I kindly wrote them back but also said there is a site where we can let others know about non-paying customers. They quickly sent a check that following week! Use this site to your advantage and maybe the customer will cooperate with you! Thank you for this great tool that has been made available for business owners!" We also have started a new section where we spotlight small businesses all across the US and Canada. Small businesses are the backbone of America and sometimes they stay in the background while the larger corporations and businesses get the attention and spotlight. We decided to spotlight the small businesses and tell their stories of how and why they started their business. It doesn't matter what type of business you own, because behind every business is a great story.

    Business Beware is ultimately for businesses. Unlike other forums, it is not for ranting and raving about customers. The site is to warn fellow businesses about certain customers that might take advantage of them as a business owner. The site is about businesses networking together to provide information to help prevent future problems with customers.

    Visit us at www.businessbeware.biz