Passion that started my Success in my Business at age 19.

Version 3
    I grew up playing with barbies with whomever was around me. I love socializing and had eyes for beauty. I never imagined that I would be a young and successful entreprenuer for about six years now and I'm still loving it! What's the secret?.....Hair Secret! Come and find out. Our friendly and professional team works together to provide quality products and services to meet and exceed our client's satisfaction. Check out our website
    I love what I do for a living. I make people look good and feel good. Because I have passion in my industry, the economy today doesn't get me down, well maybe sometimes due to laying off some staff members but when our loyal clients have enough money, they come and we get busy. Our staff is real loving, and we work in harmony. We have understanding and we are patient. When times are slow, we talk and try to stay productive. Economy will get better. We just have to ride the waves. Use this time to rest and grow so we can be prepared and ready for everybody when they are ready. When times are tough, I personally go to Abundant Living Family Church in RC and love pastor Diego when he speaks. He is funny and real. I always walk out feeling good and keep my faith being a better person as much as possible. I always look forward to my Sundays. During my working days Mondays through Saturdays, I do what I do best....Hair and talk to my wonderful clientele who are mostly referrals for as long as 11 years now....! So keep doing what you love to do and remember to keep the faith and don't give up during bad economy. Keep your passion and sharing is caring.
    I hope my story inspired you and helps you get to know me and my business a little more. Please feel free to email me at with any comments, questions, advice, or appointments. It's best to call though:
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    Blessed with Success,
    Sophie Kim