A checklist for successful business management

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    It amazes me how many companies are still using outdated technology and volumes of paper documentation to conduct business. With any sales process, the goal is to close the customer. However, many business owners are at a loss when attempting to calculate a profitable price for their products or services. Others are confused when determining how to get their products to the customer. Should I sell online? Should I open a retail store? Would it better to sell through another business already established? No matter how many times the questions are answered, thousands more pop up everyday.

    A business owner, small or large, has countless details to resolve to stay afloat. The majority opinion in the business world is that there are seven areas to strategize when developing a management plan:
    A. Marketing
    B. Finance
    C. Production
    D. Distribution
    E. Research & Development
    F. Government Regulations
    G. Labor

    Here are few of suggestions. Keep up with your receipts so tax deductions can be taken later. Don't make your customers pay for shabby services. Dependability will add a premium value to your business. Your customers will notice and start talking about your merchandise (or service) to their family & friends. Tap into the power of social media and internet marketing to promote your company. You can always find ways to create a "well-oiled machine." Improvements typically translate into returns on your investment. This is an excerpt of my article,* "10 Business mistakes for start-ups to avoid." To read the full story, go to http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2321982/10_business_mistakes_for_startups_to.html