100% Target and Reach Ideal Customers on Twitter!

Version 8
    First let me say this, if you are still not using Twitter
    you are missing out big time. If you have a new product or service that you are
    trying to launch, Twitter is one of the best distribution channels in the
    world. Social media networking is critical for all marketing promotions and product

    So how do you utilize Twitter to reach millions of potential
    customers, buyers, fans, supporters, etc? First you must understand the rules
    of social media engagement. You have to give before you receive. While it is
    free to establish a Twitter account you must give back to the Twitter community
    just like you would when providing community service in the real world.

    My Twitter Story

    Now I have different Twitter accounts for different goods,
    products, and services. It is important to establish even more than just one
    Twitter account. I operate different businesses and streams of income so I
    certainly need more than just one Twitter account. I hope you would agree.

    One of my business models is focused on luxury PR so I
    decided to build a following on Twitter focused on luxury PR.

    I developed a strategic plan and approach to Tweet (a 140
    character message answering: what are you doing on Twitter?) about luxury PR. This
    subject matter is considered my Tweet Cloud, things I Tweet about the most.

    Why a Tweet Cloud?

    A Tweet Cloud is a way to gain credibility; giving tips,
    advice, links, experiences, etc. Remember I did say you have to give back. I
    engaged my audiences by Tweeting about luxury PR but I also designed my Tweets
    to target my ideal audiences. I only want followers that add value to what I
    Tweet about.

    How I Brand on Twitter?

    I positioned myself as an expert about my subject matter focus
    of luxury PR on Twitter. I even Tweet about my competition, breakthroughs, buzz,
    etc. My goal is to be the first to report anything new, trendy, big, etc
    related to my Tweet Cloud. I engage and give back to the Twitter community
    tremendously and they LOVE me for it!

    What's In It For Me?

    Tons and tons of referrals, recommendations, sales,
    promotions, etc! I receive a following of individuals that will help to promote,
    distribute, and brand my message. I engage and give back so my audience values
    what I have to say helping to build my credibility. A win-win.

    How to Measure Twitter Results?

    Twitter.Grader.Com http://twitter.grader.com/ one of the best FREE tools to measure your
    Twitter rank and status.

    What is my Twitter grade?

    99.8%, not bad http://twitter.grader.com/mosnarcomm

    How do I measure among everybody in the world on Twitter
    Tweeting about keywords luxury? Well I am in the top 100! This is like stock so
    you have to keep building (Tweeting) to maintain your position.

    I am in the top 10 today!! Now tomorrow that is a different
    story, LOL my goal is to just stay in the TOP 100. http://twitter.grader.com/search?Term=luxury+

    is one of the best FREE tools to measure your Twitter influence and ranking.

    One way to determine how strong your Twitter reach will be
    is to measure your influence and ranking. How many secondary followers do you
    reach and what degree do you reach? Who follows who is following you expands
    your reach!

    I have a secondary following of over 59,000 and everyone
    following them plus those following back also expands my degree reach. My reach
    to my secondary followers is 100%, so I targeted and reached 100% of my desired
    audience. http://twinfluence.com/?u=mosnarcomm