The Struggles of Going Cheap w/ your Online Marketing

Version 2
    It has always been our intention here at MorePro Marketing to provide valuable online marketing services. For over a decade now, every one of our staff members continually strives to deliver SEM services that increase; visibility, traffic, and conversion. This is not an easy job when we cannot ultimately control 3rd party search engines!

    To dispel the normal visitor's perception, we do not have a magic wand, we do not use a crystal ball, and MorePro does not use spells, charms, or incantations. We never know if Google, YSM, or Bing is going to sell each other out, change the algorithms, or combine into one big ugly conglomerate. Trying to vie for the first page of Google for particularly competitive terms takes strategy, new and innovative marketing ideas and lots of good old fashioned hard work.

    And that's just the service end of the deal! Now, let's chat about the struggle with sales...

    Everyone I talk to wants to be on the first page, in the first position. I chat with them about how fresh links are important, that their site must become an authority in the industry. That the site must contain enough content to have the Search Engines realize they are a formidable business. That the site must satisfy Google's requirements. Then I ask them the $25,000.00 question: What's their budget? There's usually a good amount of silence. Then they ask, "How much will it cost?" I inquire, "To be on the first page for let's say the term, health insurance?"

    They agree and I say, "ALOT!!!!"

    Once we get down to reality and really find out how much they do have to spend my job becomes easier. To the typical business owner, SEO may seem to be a vaporous service that does not equate to anything except to place first in Google's online horse race, until you connect it to how many sales or leads do they have to bring in to pay for that program. Once they find out it's going to take more than a couple of hundred dollars a month to get there, and they realize it takes content, content, and more content, quality links, social seeding and yes, a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work, the veil is removed and I can then have an honest conversation about what we have to do to pull this off.

    Marcy Moore
    VP Sales - MorePro Marketing
    Ensuring Your Online Success