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    Back in 1998 I was still in film production, marketing and freelance writing on the side hoping to break into a bigger pool of opportunities helping aspiring filmmakers turn their script ideas into actual films. I soon realized that many lacked the business side of the industry and had no idea on how to market their film or even generate media attention to help get some buzz going on their work. I volunteered to take on this task on several small projects and started calling in contacts from freelance writers, local media to editors who I met through previous jobs, and who could possibly mention or even feature them. To my surprise and delight I got many call-backs.

    The film industry in Chicago wasn't as active as it was in New York, California or even Miami so I figured why not test the waters in public relations and see where that could take me as my number priority was keeping food on the table and having the funds to pay the bills. After a couple of years I was starting to get regular calls from prospects who needed help with PR, reputation management, writing press releases and getting them out to the right people. Everyone from authors to up and coming artist to small business owners looking for a way to get themselves on the map. I needed more job stability, and grew to like this type of work. So I stayed with it, and glad I did.

    Helping people reach their dreams is a great feeling, so I started focusing more on PR and using my online marketing skills along with contacts I had made over the years to start my own little marketing and PR company called, Public Relations Depot.

    Our services allow entrepreneurs to compete with bigger companies, without having to invest thousands of dollars. It's a win-win situation.