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    CMS - You Write Content, We Design

    The Problem

    It is fair to say that the modern consumer today looks favorably upon any business that shows a web presence. This demand is a phenomenon that has been emerging in the market place over the past 20 years better known as the '+Instant Gratification Consumer+'. By instant gratification consumers, I am referring to the pursuit of information that we as browsers (+Consumers+) on the internet seek -- your customers want to know about you, who you are, and they want that information readily available at their fingertips.

    Understanding this phenomenon must be in the forefront of your mind when bringing your brick and mortar business to the web. This is also vital when designing a solution that caters to this new phenomenon of consumer. You as the source of that information need to be able to deliver at a moment's notice - this means being able to change content when you want to and whenever you want.

    The Solution

    Modern Content Management Systems address the problem of updating content dynamically. CMS's allow website owners to update the content on their site whenever they want, addressing the constantly changing needs of information dissemination. This means being able to add articles, change menus, add products, remove items within minutes and all without a web designer.

    Content Management allows for the management of large amounts of data to be managed in various formats including, text, video, sound, and images.

    CMS's can also be used to manage a blog for your business website; this is a powerful entity for receiving customer feedback.

    At NewLookWebSites, we specialize in websites that are CMS driven. These are websites where we design your cosmetic look and feel leaving you free to manage your content. Feel free to visit our website at to read more about what a CMS can do for your business.

    Duncan MacDonald
    Owner- NewLookWebSites