If You Don't Do This......

Version 3
    I have a true story. It's about a marketing method that many feel initially is cumbersome and slow. But in the long run it proves to be the most powerful and sustainable way to grow a strong following and a lucrative business.

    I began my journey by following the methods and systems handed down to me by word of mouth. I should let you know that I have a Master's Degree and a License in Clinical Social Work and have been a practicing psychotherapist and business coach for almost 20 years. In the past 5 years I have gradually moved my energy to the network marketing and internet marketing arena, becoming a professional in that industry about 3 years ago.

    Network marketing allows me to use all the skills I've accumulated over a lifetime to mentor, coach and train others in the acquisition of residual income. The road to retirement in the 21st century requires an ongoing residual/passive income stream. Many people have reached an understanding that trading time for money will not every allow them to reach their financial goals and their lifestyle dreams. As the Founder and CEO of It's All Success (Creating Abundance From Home), my focus is on giving people the tools to do just that, and teaching them how to use them.

    So back to the story:
    After a number of years trying to make good money with the information I was initially given, I began to do some researach. What I found was a method called Attraction Marketing. Attraction Marketing is actually not much different than the old fashioned idea of doing business with people who you already know and trust. But when you take Attraction Marketing to the internet, the power becomes far greater than you'd achieve within the relationships in your real time interactions.

    I've spent the last 3 years becoming a master of using Attraction Marketin principles in the internet marketing arena. It was very slow at first, as one has to spend a decent amount of time developing their online "brand". This is done through writing, videos, blogs, forums, articles and social media. It also requires trust in the process because the results are not instantaneous. Slowly I continued on the path, and though and over time began to develop quite an online following and a substantial list of people interested in my thoughts, writings, ideas and mentoring.

    Jump to now:
    Through all these efforts I have gone from a struggling network marketer to a position at the top of a new comany. Not only am I now a leader in the industry, but I am a leader in a specific money making endeavor as well.

    And here's the part you should not miss:
    Every single person who has joined my team is someone I have met through online Attraction Marketing. These are all people I never would have connected with in any other manner. Every one of them was an entrepreneur and an independent business person prior to our connection. Each of them has the know how and the energy to build their own team and help take our company to the heights we are aiming for.

    Attraction marketing seems slow at first...but the payoff is so worthwhile. By working only with people who have come to me by their own choice and have committed to our shared goal based on knowledge and experience, we end up with a very powerful team of business builders.