What Is Your Value?

Version 3

    As customers have tightened their wallets during these economic times one thing that has become prevalent is the word "value". One definition is: worth or importance: the worth, importance, or usefulness of something to somebody. So what is your value to your customers?


    Value our company offers is a high level of service from contact to completion, a quality "unique" product, at a reasonable price. Now with "value" comes responsibility to deliver 100% on your promise every time with every customer. If you seek a client to sell a product or get referrals from then your "value" = $$ which we all need to stay open, but doesn't give the client the value of a growing relationship opportunity just a quick sale. In order to offer your company value to clients think about how you will help them achieve their goals that is exceptionally better than your competitors, is personalized, and then deliver that promise. If on the other hand, you talk and think price, how much it cost, how much you will make, and how much you need them then you only add $$ to the bottom line and not the relationship. Think about the last store you visited: Did you go there just because of price or was it because of service, product offering, and ease of shopping, reputation, or referral?


    So again what is your "value" and how can you help others with your value?