Travel is a therapy for small business owners

Version 3

    As a small business owner, you wear many hats. Although it is the graphic designers who produce graphics, it is the programmers who write the coding, it is the customer service who answer the phone. At the end of the day, it is YOU who has to make sure everything runs ok. You go to make sure customers are not angry, banks got all they want from you, and your employees (or even freelancers and outsourcing companies) are well paid enough to continue to work for you.


    How do you handle all this much and stay energetic and empowered? I always use travel as my therapy.


    It is strange how a getaway from where you work everyday can bring so much relief. Even I still have to bear all responsibilities and check the work of people I hire during travel, staying in a foreign country has the kind of power to wash away burnout from the daily routine work.


    There has never been a better time for travelers. I received email promotion offers from several major hotel groups on deeply discounted hotel offers. I paid AUD79 (US$60) per night in the four-star hotel Novotel Darling Harbour for a room overlooking Sydney harbour and highrises of Sydney downtown, which was regularly priced above AUD 230. I paid 35,000 mileages of my frequent flyer mileages to fly business class from Sydney to Queenstown New Zealand, which was probably hard to book when the economy is good.