Smiling Uses Less Muscles Than Frowning!

Version 3
    Not to be lazy, but instead to get you ready to talk in Smiling Language.

    Smile Language is not a science, but it really works. Talk to someone on the phone with a frown on your face and then say the exact same words to them with a smile. When you are done, ask that person on the other end of the phone if they were able to tell the difference in your voice. Having a smile on your face transforms your voice to project upbeat and positive tones and that is how a great first impression can be made time after time.

    Courtesy is lacking in today's world, and by having your associates talk in smile language your business unit's consumers will notice and recognize that you and your team's focus is on the little things, which in turn will make your service element's perception rise above that of your competitors and turn into repeat orders, higher retention levels, more referrals and above all, more sales!