My life In Concept and Cholor!!

Version 3

    I am a creative and analytical person - most of my 20's I spent in the medical/pharmaceutical field. When I turned 30, I wanted to have more fun and excitement in my daily "work". I went on a three week excursion to Los Angeles and Chicago to decide what my change would be. I completed cosmetology school, worked in a salon and the economy went south.... out of fear I went back to a 8-5.

    I have always been interested in makeup artistry and have been an active part timer in the field. On June 22nd, I made a faithful decision to trust my instincts, talents and myself and resigned to pursue Conceptual Makeup Artistry full time. Over the last year, I have completed my makeup kit and purchased a SLR camera (way too much camera for my level of photographic skill LOL) to pursue my passion.

    The promise to myself is that of a famous makeup brand, I am worth it! My business is the gateway to lots of hard work, but also to a self actualization of the life that I desire to help others attain their goals too. It's no fun at the top alone.

    Cholor: the chemistry of color!