Experience Pays

Version 2
    Many years ago, a company called "DecoPlants" was around. The beauty of it was that common grown foliage houseplants was brought to your home or a home of a friend and/or family. A consultant would come to a hosted home party demonstration presenting houseplants, accessories, nutrients and all that was necessary to create the perfect houseplant any collector would be proud to show off. A home party was much related to the cosmetic consultant, candle consultant, plasticware consultant as they all presented their wares to prospective customers. "DecoPlants" was much like this presentation. Houseplants would come in a variety of sizes and variations. The houseplant guest would make purchases at the party or order one for receipt at a later date. Shortly after a few years, unfortunately, a lot of the "DecoPlants" consultants would go independent. Welcome to small business applications for bettering an operative small business enterprise.

    The real benefit was that these plants were grown without soil. At least at the time, the benefit was growing plants without soil. Long time since then, much research was done by Dr. Wolverton on the positive affects that houseplants had on persons. Better productive workers were much happier at work. Many would decorate their cubicles with foliage plants and flowering baskets. In the home, less stress was accomplished with all habitants in that home. But what has happened to the soil less houseplant? I feel people weren't entirely ready for it in the 70's and 80's. But now a new accomplishment is established and more people are opening their hearts and minds to soilless plants and interior landscapes.

    This concept is continued with "Lacourse Interiorscape". Here's to healthier and more delightful home settings with houseplants grown for foliage and for their flowers.