How To Be Lead To Success

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    Like so many thousands of other struggling entrepreneurs, I had failed...and I had failed...and I had failed to succeed. I repeat those words "I had failed" many times because it became a pattern for me. A dead end pursuit. My dream to financial freedom was never born.

    I was drawn to many online businesses that sold me golden dreams of prosperity. I did what they told me to do to find success. I followed their systems. I paid my monthly membership dues and maintained autoship requirements. I did 3-way calls. I made my list of 100 people. I went to business conventions. I passed out business cards........and the list of what I did to try to succeed went on for more than 5 years. During this 5 year period, I never felt part of a team and could not find leadership. By leadership, I mean someone who could lead me down the correct path to business success. My pathway had been unordered and chaotic.

    The point is that I failed miserably -- no matter what I did. I got sick of failure. Tired of losing money almost everyday. I was one of the 97% of network marketers who fail at online businesses. I wondered, "What in the world are those other successful 3% of network marketers doing?" I knew I was as smart, persistent and dedicated as those who were making money. But what was wrong? There had to be an answer and I was determined to find out how to succeed. So, I prayed for an answer...

    Then one day I received an email from a friend who told me that the main reason for my failure was for my lack of a mentor. My friend told me that we all need mentors in life to lead and guide us. We need someone who can show us the proven steps to success. And the best mentor to find is someone who can show you STEP-BY-STEP how to succeed. Someone who is a proven expert in his field. There is no better person to be your mentor tha n someone who has found the proven pathway to success. The thing I had been doing wrong was not having a mentor to guide me step-by-step down the pathway...just like a child. I was in need of someone to show me from scratch what to do to find success. The answer for me was to find and become a student of a super mentor.

    I stepped out on faith and started my search for the ideal mentor. It was suggested to me to include the hunt for my mentor in businesses other than my own. Places that are not the obvious. I soon learned that outstanding mentors are everywhere- businesses, churches, schools, clubs....and the list goes on.

    What followed was the answer to my prayer. I found myself a super business mentor. He taught me secrets that anyone can follow and learn step-by-step to become outrageously successful. My chaotic steps gradually straightened. The key to my future success was following the step-by-step plan that my mentor showed me. I never knew in my wildest dreams that when I came under the wing of a mentor that I would finally experience success. And I don't mean earning a mere $10 a day. My mentor taught me to think BIG. I learned that what I conceive in my mind will come to fruition. Think small and I would reap small. These things were just the beginning lessons in my step-by-step learning.

    I am thankful that I am finally on the road to success. Without a super mentor to guide me in business, I would still be in that category of 97% who fail. Anyone who has the courage, persistence, and willingness to push forward to succeed will discover that the ultimate key is to find a super mentor. It's just what the doctor ordered! Anyone who has completely failed in the past will want to get his or her hands on the wealth of guidance and training that a mentor has to offer.

    In conclusion, I can now say that I am now on the road to my dream of financial freedom. Step-by-step, one day at a time. Having a super mentor has truly made the difference!


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    "To Your Financial Victory!"
    • Wendy Hershey*