Part Time Business Opportunity: My Favorite Way to Fail

Version 2

    Ever failed in a part time online business opportunity? I have, several times. But the story has a good ending, and I'll keep it short.


    Several years ago, I was earning an MBA and looking for a part time business that I could work on. I tried a few things, but couldn't seem to make them stick. I would put in time and then not follow through.


    I moved into online business opportunities, but still had no success. I would put up a site and not be able to get a good page built. Or not understand how the user interface worked. I wasted many hours on these ventures.


    Finally, I found a place that would take away all of the technical hurdles, so that all I had to do was come up with topics, content, information. I loved it.


    I worked on a site for about 10 months. I had over 40 pages of what I thought was great content. But I had a problem.


    Have you seen that T-shirt that says: More people have read this shirt than your blog? That was my problem: no traffic. After 10 months, I had 12 visitors per day. 12. Ouch.


    I decided to scrap the site and start another. In the middle of this, I learned about article marketing, and bough a lifetime subscription to Article Marketer. It saved my sanity.


    I started my new site a month later, and within a few months I had dozens of visotors. Then 50 new per day. At 10 months, where I had quit before, I had over 100.


    I know some of you have had better luck and skills, but for me, this was heaven. That site is still growing, and has over 200 now. I earn a small income every month from it. And I am still in heaven, and still using article marketing.


    To date, I have written over 120 articles, and had them published all over the internet, which is great. They bring in visitors, and visitors make money. And I like to write ;)


    This isn't a pitch, just a story. Just type article marketing into google and learn for yourself. I even found several free e-books on it. Article Marketer has some great resources as well. My parrt time business opportunity is a success!


    Good luck, and good writing.