Get Your Stimulus Package

Version 2
    I recently became a statistic of the rapidly increasing rate of unemployment hunting America, which is vastly approaching 15%. Which anything above 12% is considered a depression. Now actually I was a manager for a fortune 500 wireless company for the past 5 years. I started on the ground level and worked my way to the top. I had stock as well as a gowning 401k that I thought was going to root me into retirement with the company. However, wasn't I heavily mistaken. I have a B.S.A.S in Applied Sociology yet I found it difficult even getting the 40k minimum promised for having a bachelor's so I was in need of an opportunity. And you know what they say; big things come in small packages. Well, I found my stimulus pack that is launching my finances to a whole new level. Now I have access to the #2 consumed product on earth, and the number two traded commodity on the planet. This simply means that I can do business any and everywhere. Also this product has valued in five different billion dollar industries. All I know is..... this an absolutely phenomenal opportunity that I at least have to give you the option to see if its for you. If not, then please just continue to drink coffee, however, I ask that you drink a healthier cup. There are 255 Million Coffee Drinker in the US alone, my goal is to get just 1% to drink a healthy cup; which is 2.5 million at 2-4 cups a day @ 4 dollars a cup= roughly 50 dollars a month, which equals around 125 million dollars a month. How much of this do you want?