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    Teenager Forever




    Hello, my name is Concetta Longo and I'm an ex restaurant owner with my husband Frank. In our restaurant we always hired teenager for the summer. My husband spent many hours training them how to make espresso and cappuccino and they would always make mistakes. They were so scared to use the big and bulky espresso machine that every time a customer ordered a cappuccino or espresso they would call Frank to make it. We noticed that this was a problem for our restaurant and the American teenagers. So we decided to invent an espresso coffee and cappuccino machine that was easy to use. We are so impressed with this machine that we want to market because it is perfect, easy to use, is fast and beautiful. Our three year business plans shows more than 42 million dollars before tax. Our program will create many jobs in the United States of America. We are proud of this espresso coffee machine. We are searching for a loan to start this wonderful and safe business.


    Thank you. Yours truly, Concetta Longo


    P.S. Is a great guaranteed bullet proof Business