Small Business Tip:How to Operate a Bilingual Site in the US

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    Many companies are making the large leap and transition into becoming more accessible to other language groups. Especially in the United States where there is one large group of Spanish language individuals, the Hispanics. There is a greater demand for products and services amongst this group of consumers that have yet to gain accessibility because of language barriers. Bilingual websites are also coming online to help cater to this fast growing group of online consumers. Translating your site to Spanish may be the first step in countering the large influx of consumers that are just logging into the vast online universe known as the internet.

    The Rapid Growing Hispanic Online Market

    The Hispanic market is growing at an astonishing rate, especially now that more and more Hispanics are gaining access to the internet through various sources. The use of handheld and portable devices that are internet enabled allow for even more Hispanics to have a window into the online world, even if they do not own a personal computer. Ensuring that bilingual websites are available to these individuals increases the chances that they will encounter products and services that a company is offering making potential for Hispanic consumers to be possible. Content Updates Synchronization services are also a powerful tool that can be used to make a consistent link between an English and Spanish version website that allows these individuals to access up to date materials.

    Extra IT Costs and Localization

    There are costs that will be incurred when building bilingual websites. Translating your site to Spanish (*) through your own resources and IT expertise may be an option. Without the proper Content Updates Synchronization services (*) and accurate Spanish language content and Spanish Search Engine Optimization (*), your efforts may become a waste of time, money and resources that could have been used to a better extent otherwise. Determining the localization of specific Hispanic trends and other important data research may make it more difficult to market products and services. If you tailor the site to suit a broader Hispanic audience, the chances of gaining actual consumers from potential consumers increases.

    Small Business Website Language Synchronization

    Small businesses that think about running a bilingual website should express interests in having their website translated into Spanish professionally as well as investing in Content Updates Synchronization services. With the help of these special services, your Spanish version website will be able to stay updated regularly and have accurate information regarding your products, services and website materials. Keeping your Hispanic consumers up to date with your English speaking consumers allows them to understand that your company cares enough to have them as customers to keep them equally informed.

    Professional translational services are one of the best investments that a small business can use to cover a larger consumer range that includes the target Hispanic groups located in the US and surrounding Hispanic countries. There is a definite advantage in having a bilingual website available to your consumers. Increasing the volume of traffic and sales in your business is what every company hopes for. When there are consumers available with money to spend, you need to reach them even if it means crossing a language barrier.


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    (*) Disclose: we are kindly referring our own business services from Hispanic Market Advisors, but obviously you can find alternatives in the market. Just make sure to choose a strategic partner who understands your needs, goals and objectives, as well as your overall business strategy