Engineer leaves corporate world for more creative life

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    If you're like me, and I know I am, you've got to be wondering about this guy's sanity. Well, rest assured this guy (moi) is crazy. A good crazy. The kind of crazy that it takes to walk away from the high paid corporate world and never look back. I spent 11 and a half years working as a "specials" engineer, programmer/analyst and senior engineer ( well senior something, anyhow). Nice pay and benefits package, but unappreciated and completely miserable. Fed up with cronyism, the Peter principal of advancement and all the politics of nepotism that you can conjure, I decided to take an early retirement.

    Now credit must be given where it belongs. The company I left was founded by caring people that rewarded hard work and employee loyalty with generosity. It embodied the best traditions of a benevolent overseer. Unfortunately, as is so common when the founding generation gradually moves on (ah, yes, the process of aging), the new generation simply lacks the same character. They didn't have to scrimp, save, do without, sweat, worry or bring the company forward from the ground up. To be frank, they were never entrepreneurs. Sadly. All the degrees and schooling in the world simply cannot substitute for the entrepreneurial spirit. You either have it or you don't.

    I think I was born with it - created my first business when I was 10 years old (growing and selling the best doggone Halloween pumpkins in the city.). Started a theater company in 1970. In 1974 I opened a little shop restoring furniture and leaded glass. That grew into a small manufacturing and design company.

    My work has always been in the design & application process. From 21 years as a custom furniture designer to paying college tuition through sales of my own art work, my life has consistently followed the creative stream. Founding NLE Media Productions has allowed me to really expand my imagination. From video to web design I get jazzed about the possibilities. And in the process I give back to my community through
    the Small Business Forum, and ongoing mentoring projects.

    We just completed a project that I am very proud of. We started shooting the AAHA "Outdoor Show" in July of 2008. This week (April 27, 2009) marks the completion and release of our first season of shows. It has been exciting and fun doing these programs & we think you'll enjoy them, too. Currently you can view full episodes on AAHA's web site: Go to the "Outdoor Show" tab on the left of the page. You can also view segments of the show on , keyword "gjglucose".

    Our work with The African American Hunting association has been most rewarding. We took on this project because of both its unique
    character and the mission of AAHA:

    The mission of the African American Hunting Association, LLC (AAHA) is to increase the number of African Americans and urban residents living in the United States involved in hunting, game management, shooting sports and conservation. The AAHA supports the rights of all Americans to hunt for food and for sport. The AAHA believes that hunting is a legitimate endeavor. The AAHA supports the rights of individuals to own and use firearms and other weapons in accordance with the Constitution of the United States and all applicable federal, state and local laws. The AAHA invites everyone who support the mission, goals and objectives of our organization to participate with us regardless of their individual race, ethnicity, national origin, gender or sexual orientation. All are welcome to join AAHA. The AAHA will work to promote better understanding and acceptance of the sport of hunting at the local, regional and national level. The AAHA will increase involvement of African American individuals and families in hunting and associated outdoor sports such as camping, hiking, fishing, biking, photography, etc. The AAHA will increase the opportunity for African American hunters to obtain state of the art or the best hunting equipment each hunter can afford. The AAHA will provide increased opportunities for African Americans to hunt locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

    We have already begun preparations for Season 2. As our executive producer, Donny Adair, says, "We'll see you in the field!"
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